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Our feet have to endure a lot. They literally carry our weight with them for miles! Did you know that we walk around the globe an average of four times in our lives? And not only in comfortable shoes of course! Even though we know that those nice heels and beautiful boots don’t please our feet, we walk a lot of those miles on pinching shoes. High time to pamper your feet with a good pedicure!

What is a pedicure treatment?

A pedicure is a foot treatment performed by a pedicure, a specialist in foot care. The pedicure first cleans your feet with water and possibly a little bath salt, making the feet wonderfully soft and supple. The specialist then cuts and files your toenails, after which your cuticles are loosened and pushed back. In addition, the pedicure also treats special skin or nail problems, such as calluses, corns and fungal nails. Do you also want beautifully painted nails or a relaxing foot massage? Then choose a luxurious treatment!

When do you need a pedicure?

It is always nice to spoil your feet, but sometimes a pedicure treatment is really necessary for the health of your feet. It is wise to visit a pedicure if you experience any of the following foot problems  :

  • Blisters
  • Corn
  • Excess calluses
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Lime nails
  • Gorges
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Plantar warts

What is a medical pedicure?

A medical pedicure not only cares for the skin and nails of the feet, but also treats and reduces specific pain and foot complaints of people with, for example, rheumatism or diabetes. A medical pedicure can use specialist techniques such as applying a nail brace, a nail prosthesis and performing nail repairs. In addition, this specialist has knowledge of pressure-distributing techniques and can provide shoe advice.

Pedicure prices

Having your feet taken care of can be quite pricey. The price of regular pedicure treatments is on average between € 25 and € 35 per 45 minutes. The price is slightly higher for luxury and medical pedicure treatments. Do you want a partial treatment, because you only want to remove calluses or a corn? Then the costs are between € 8 and € 15. Are you a little worse off, or do you like to have your feet treated at home? Regular home treatment costs on average between € 30 and € 40 per 45 minutes.

Is a pedicure treatment reimbursed?

In some cases, the costs of a pedicure treatment are reimbursed via the basic insurance or with additional health insurance. This only applies to people with a medical condition, such as diabetes or rheumatism, and this often involves medical treatments that reduce foot complaints and pain. It also differs per health insurer and per health insurance policy whether treatments are reimbursed.

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